Isler CPA is now connected to the ultimate Internet medium: fiber optic.  Simply stated, there is no better Internet connection than fiber to your building.  Since we rely heavily on quality Internet connectivity for our applications and data, this is a major leap forward for our business.

“We’re glad to see this project come to fruition” stated Mark from XS Media, Isler CPA’s new Internet provider.  “Internet connectivity in the area is changing. There are options around Eugene & Springfield now for very high-capacity Internet connections, far beyond what DSL & cable companies are offering.  Gigabit speed Internet delivered via fiber brings with it many advantages… low latency, massive file downloads & uploads, streaming high-def audio & video, business quality phone service, etc.   With some outside-the-box thinking we are often able to come up with a decent solution for our clients.  Each situation is different, but it’s often worth a conversation about the possibilities.”

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