Due to, the governor’s order directing people to stay home and to practice social distancing, Isler client workpapers and documents should be mailed or dropped off via the building drop slot. Tax returns may be retrieved via postal mail or our client portal. We are encouraging our clients not to come to our offices at this time. However, we are open for business. If your situation requires, or you would like to meet with your CPA in person, an appointment must be made before hand. This will last until the quarantine is over. Due to new COVID restrictions announced by Governor Kate Brown on June 19, 2019, while we will continue to have limited client meetings and contact, any client entering the Isler office is required to wear a mask covering as recommended by the CDC.

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Estate Services

Isler CPA can ensure that your estate is properly administrated and passed to your beneficiaries, whether they are children, friends or a favorite charity with minimal taxation. For the executor or trustee, working through the emotions to enact the final wishes and ensure family tranquility can be unmanageable. For the decedent, planning for the transition of wealth before passing and ensuring that final wishes and plans are enacted brings additional stress to their later years of life. At Isler CPA we take on the tasks associated with evaluation, taxation, administration and the transition of wealth to beneficiaries that inhibit the healing that needs to follow the loss of a loved one. We currently administrate and act as trustee for many clients and look forward to assisting you and your family.

Our Estate Services

Isler CPA can assist you with estate services including:

  • Estate, trust and gift tax return preparation
  • Estate tax projections and review
  • Establishing and review of revocable trusts and wills
  • Trustee and personal representative assistance
  • Planning with charitable remainder trusts
  • Succession planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Planning with life insurance
  • Testing to insure that you qualify for small business and farm valuation rules
  • Valuation guidance

Estate and Trust Planning

If you need to transition wealth to your heirs, protect assets from invasion, secure an income for your beneficiaries or plan an easy distribution of your final assets, we can design a plan for you.

Estate and Trust Taxation

Estates with a value of $1,000,000.00 or more are required to file Estate Tax Returns for Oregon. Estates with a value of $11, 400,000.00 or more are required to file Estate Tax Returns for Both Oregon and the Federal Government. Income earned on assets held by the Estate or Administrative Trust after the grantor has passed requires an Estate Income Tax Return to be filed with the State of Oregon and the Federal Government. Income earned by the decedent prior to passing may require a final Individual Income Tax Return. Isler CPA can prepare and file all necessary tax returns.

Estate and Trust Administration

Executors, Trustees and Personal Representatives all have a significant duty to the decedent: carry out the requirements of the Trust. For many, the task becomes too difficult. Isler CPA understands the requirements outlined in Trust documents and have the capability and desire to handle the daily, monthly and annual administrative tasks of bookkeeping, distributions, billings and collections, license and entity identification and renewal and information requests from all concerned parties. At Isler CPA, we also know who to talk with and whom to avoid. 

Wills & Simple Trusts

For those with small estates, Wills and Small Trusts can be an economic yet specific way to ensure transfer of properties and transition of wealth. Small Estate Affidavits can be filed for Estates with less than $75,000.00 of personal property and less than $200,000.00 in real property. Isler CPA, in conjunction with your attorney, can file the correct affidavits, work with probate and finalize plans drawn up in Wills and Small Trusts.


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What our clients say about us

“The Coquille Indian Tribe began working with Isler CPA in 1990 for audit services. Obviously, this relationship of over 20 years is evidence that the tribe has been extremely pleased with Isler CPA’s expertise and professionalism. Their staff knows the particular issues that affect Indian tribes and has a knack for explaining oftentimes complex financial concepts to non-financial folks.”

- Mark G.
CFO, Coquille Indian Tribe