Community Supported Shelters

I was recently offered an opportunity to serve as board treasurer for a local non-profit, Community Supported Shelters (CSS).  I wasn’t familiar with CSS when this opportunity came up so I went to their website at : .  I found out CSS is a fairly new organization, co-founded in March, 2013 by Erik and Fay de Buhr.  In a nutshell, their mission is to provide safe and legal emergency shelters for people in need while connecting them with services and opportunities to improve their life situation.  From what I’ve seen so far, this is a gross understatement of what Erik and Fay do on a daily basis to help the neediest members of our community.  Mayor Kitty Piercy thinks so too.  She will be recognizing Erik, Fay, and Community Supported Shelters for their remarkable work by honoring them with a Community Award at this year’s State of the City.

The accomplishments of this young non-profit and its founders are that impressive.  They include management of three safe spot communities providing shelter for homeless people that had been living in the woods, in a car, on public property, or in some other precarious situation.  Some housing is provided by the 53 Conestoga huts they have built and placed throughout the community.  These huts provide protection from the elements, a door that locks, a double layer shell for heat insulation, and a floor that is raised above wet ground. Details of all the services CSS provides, inspiring stories of the people they have helped, and ways to get involved and contribute can be found on their website.



I’m excited for this opportunity to work with Erik, Faye and the CSS board.  As an employer, Isler CPA, places a high priority on community involvement.  That support made the decision to accept this appointment a no brainer.