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Available Positions

Assurance (Accounting and Auditing) Senior Associate

Assurance Services

Posting Date: Aug. 1st, 2016

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Salary: Depending on qualifications

Education: B.A./B.S. degree

Job Summary:


  • Manages proper communication during the engagement (phone, e-mail, face to face)
  • Takes initiative to stay in contact with appropriate client personnel throughout the year, not limiting communication to only during the audit
  • Acts in a professional manner in all client and team interactions
  • Manages engagement to meet deliverable deadlines; identifies roadblocks, understands critical milestones to meet client service expectations
  • Plays a key role in execution of audit engagement from planning to wrap-up
  • Possesses an understanding of the client’s business and industry; including competitors, trends and key customers
  • Participates in annual engagement process improvements
  • Reacts to change quickly and keeps audit engagement on track (timing, budget, etc.)
  • Takes initiative to identify best practices and improvements for next year, and considers applicability of best practices for other clients


  • Trains staff through on-the-job training and facilitating internal CPE
  • Provides real-time and ongoing constructive feedback (both positive & negative) to entire engagement team
  • Successfully has difficult conversations with clients and engagement team members
  • Possesses the maturity to serve as a role model for staff (client interactions, WorkLife integration, etc.)


  • Meets charge hour and margin goals
  • Understands engagement economics and factors that impact realization
  • Develops budgets for new or existing clients incorporating knowledge of items that affect a budget (financial statements, industry, size, etc.)
  • Monitors engagement budgets and is aware of out of scope work and proactively communicates potential issues to appropriate team member
  • Maintains and develops professional network of peers


Essential Job Functions:


  • Able to research an accounting topic and form a conclusion to be reviewed by appropriate team member (Manager or Partner)
  • Understands risk assessment process and applies knowledge in completing all related forms in the front of file; understands the impact of risk elements on the work performed
  • Successfully completes the planning forms for a new client
  • Develops audit program steps to effectively address risks identified in planning and new pronouncements applicable to client
  • Completes an effective in-charge level review of file, ensuring all necessary documentation to support conclusions is included in the audit file
  • Prepares complex financial report (statements, footnotes and any supplemental information) and all other client deliverables
  • Understands cash flow effects of complex activities (non-cash, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to more effectively and efficiently audit under the risk based standards
  • Applies industry trends to analytics, formulating expectations and determining reasonableness
  • Demonstrates self-awareness of personal strengths and development areas


  • B.A./B.S. degree
  • Public accounting experience or equivalent
  • Understanding of GAAS and GAAP
  • Demonstrates an ability to in-charge an engagement
  • CPA license


Contact Information:
John Gustafson

Tax Services Senior Associate

Tax Services

Posting Date: Monday, Aug. 1, 2016

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Salary: Based on Experience

Education: B.A./B.S. degree in Accounting

Job Summary:


  • Acts as a supervisor to ensure client work is performed within time, scope, budget and bills client for completed work
  • Sees the “big picture” for client’s business, objectives and industry and thinks creatively to solve business problems
  • Scopes engagement, manages client expectations, ensures satisfaction and communicates upward
  • Takes responsibility for service quality, thoroughness and accuracy; proactively works with client to gather data and follow-up on open items
  • Stays current on regulatory and industry issues and shares applicable information with others
  • Assesses problem/issue materiality and interprets the implications for the client; understands client’s tolerance for risk
  • Participates as a confident knowledge resource and idea generator in client meetings and sales calls
  • Consistently takes on work outside of “comfort zone”; asks for stretch assignments to develop
  • Assists in billing client for work
  • Builds and maintains client relationships through direct contact at appropriate levels of the organization on assigned engagements; consistently provides timely response to client and internal requests.


  • Dedicates time to coaching others in tax software knowledge, business process, research skills/resources, technical expertise, planning and project management skills via on the job training
  • Proactively communicates work/project status with engagement team and client in a direct and respectful manner
  • Takes ownership of personal career goals and seeks out mentors, advisors and coaches within the firm to help achieve aspirations
  • Recognizes role in executing change management
  • Builds relationships with A & A team to ensure client service excellence through an integrated service approach
  • Recognizes resource/team capabilities (background, experience, strengths and weaknesses), aligns the right talent to the work, delegates work effectively and holds team accountable for deliverables by consistently providing     real-time feedback both for reinforcement and for improvement (e.g., recognizes contributions; confronts inappropriate behavior)
  • Develops loyalty and trust with team and with client
  • Attends recruiting events to build the practice
  • Delivers CPE and other training
  • Targets written or verbal communication to appropriate audience


  • Seeks business development opportunities through new or existing contacts
  • Demonstrates consultative sales and service skills
  • Alert to client needs that may result in growth opportunity for the firm and communicates to team and client
  • Builds knowledge of services offered by the firm and McGladrey Alliance and effectively presents ideas to clients that result in additional services
  • Understands our business, how we generate profit, and has the ability to think tactically and act quickly to capitalize on an opportunity
  • Promotes the brand through interacting with clients, recruits and personal network
  • Meets and manages margin goals (self)
  • Meets budget and/or realization goals for engagements (self and team); communicates reasons if exceeding

Essential Job Functions:


  • Reviews research findings, tax returns and client tax work papers, ensures conclusions are consistent with firm policies and professional standards, and determines implications and best course of action for client
  • Documents research and planning to share with client team, colleagues and client.
  • Demonstrates awareness of firm’s risk management policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates an understanding of and applies tax planning concepts
  • Recognizes the ‘go to’ professionals in the firm and with McGladrey Alliance for specialized knowledge
  • Solid understanding of tax codes, regulations, rulings and case law
  • Recognizes industry trends and their the potential opportunities for savings & risk reduction applicable to the client’s business and tax burden
  • Demonstrates self-awareness of personal strengths and developmental areas
  • Builds industry and topic specialization, e.g., major/minor


  • B.A./B.S. degree in Accounting
  • Solid accounting skills
  • Comprehensive understanding of tax
  • Experience preparing returns and researching tax issues
  • CPA License
Contact Information:
John Gustafson


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What our employees have to say about us

The primary reason I chose to work at Isler is the people and the culture they have created. The people at this firm are some of the friendliest and caring people I have ever met. I never thought that I would be working somewhere where I knew the people around me cared about my well being and are there to lend a hand when needed.

Cody Savey, Staff Accountant

I love working at Isler because they value each and every employee and are committed to our work-life balance. Isler CPA is also committed to the community and budgets time for their employees to go out and volunteer within it. This has been inspiring for me and I have certainly taken this opportunity to go out and get involved.

Emily Anderson, Staff Accountant

I was looking for a place where I could expand my professional abilities, gain exposure to additional areas of accounting and be part of a small, close-knit company. Isler CPA is very focused on the individual and adapts to each person’s individual situation. They also takes great pride in being locally owned and encourages everyone to get involved in the community and make Eugene better.

Gatlin Hawkins, Senior Audit Accountant